Top 5 things to consider when hiring a tree company

#1 – Safety and Insurance are the top two aspects when considering hiring a tree company.  With the dangerous nature of our business, safety is critical.  Make sure the tree company you hire follows safety standards, has a safety policy and holds regular safety meetings with the employees.

#2 – Another important thing to look for is that the company is fully insured with workers compensation and liability insurance.  The workers compensation covers the employees in case of an accident. If any contractor working on your property does not have workers compensation, the homeowner could be liable if an employee gets hurt.  The liability insurance covers your property in case the tree service damages a structure.

#3 – Any service company that performs work at a residence should have a good reputation.  Ask you friends and neighbors for references and check the company’s website.

#4 – Never pay a tree service or any contractor for that matter, up front for a job. Be careful of who you hire.  Some tree cutters who drive by asking for your business most likely are not insured, only accept cash, and are not professional.

#5 – Compare estimate fairly.  If you receive 3 or 4 estimates, they will range greatly.  For example, you may receive a low bid for $1800 and a very high bid for $4000.  A few others will be close and in between around $2800-3200- these are most likely the two companies you will want to consider using.  It is not always best to go with the lowest bid for tree work.  Look closely at all bids, research the company and ask questions! When you get quotes, make sure everything is included in the price.  Many times we get customers that call with debris left that is so large that they cannot manage it.  Also, the homeowner doesn’t realize the stump grinding was not included in the price.  Kelley’s Tree Service will specify if debris will be hauled away and 100% recycles all debris collected from customers.  This is accomplished with one of our Diamond Z 1463 tub grinders that reduces all wood and debris to produce shredded mulch that is sold to paper mills as fuel wood.  Not all tree services have the ability to maintain their own debris; leaving dump fees another factor to consider when comparing prices for tree work.