Tree Services

We have been in business for 30 years in Richmond Hill/Savannah areas. Tree removal can be a hazardous job, especially trees close to your home. Our estimator will discuss with you the safest method for removing or trimming your trees and give you a free verbal proposal. Depending on the tree location and health, the estimator will decide if the tree should be climbed or if the bucket truck can be used.

We specialize in emergency tree work, assisting customers during hazardous conditions. To prevent further damage to your property, we can utilize cranes in the delicate job of removing a fallen tree from your home.

Pruning your trees on a regular basis keeps them healthy and beautiful. We can thin out tree for additional sunlight, remove larger limbs over structures or remove dead and hazardous limbs to keep trees healthy and strong.

We use Vermeer stump grinders to grind stumps 6-8” below the ground surface. We can handle larger stumps and stumps in hard to reach areas with our Vermeer SC60TX grinder- it is on tracks and get through tight gates and areas. Once the stumps are ground, you can use the mulch for flowerbeds.

Tree Service Equipment- Gallery Coming Soon!